About Infuse Bottling Co.

Infuse Bottling Company was formed in 2015 and the whole facility was fully set up on 2016 in order to provide key bottling infrastructure for wineries.

Bottling, labelling, storage and distribution are highly specialised processes. Thus, we have made (and will continue to make) big investments in world-class technology, machinery and facilities, and of course our people to provide the right expertise and experience as well as best quality products to our customers.

We will look after the bottling and distribution side of the wine, and this enable you to do what you are best in.

We look forward to being at your service at Infuse Bottling Company.

The team at Infuse really do understand how to help us achieve our goals. They are so much more than a contract bottler, they are our partners in business.
Pacific Vitners
Infuse Bottling Co are highly experienced and very flexible to our needs. Their finished product is of the highest quality and we thoroughly recommend their services.
Chalk Hill Wines
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