Wine Analysis

Wine Analysis

The Laboratory at Infuse bottling company provides technical support to bottling operation for pre and post bottling analysis, and data support for cellar adjustments.

The laboratory is the key element in maintaining standards as per regulatory.

Using WineScan SO2 in laboratory for the analysis. Since WineScan introduction in 1999, WineScan has revolutionized rapid routine wine analysis for winemakers and laboratories around the world providing fast and accurate analysis of over 30 critical quality control parameters are measured within a minute. Armed with this information, winemakers can make informed decisions throughout the whole wine making process from grape testing to finished wine.

Service including:

  • Pre receival pre-bottling wine analysis – Pre-bottling analysis provided with bottling service, analysis consisting of DO, Free and Total SO2, pH, TA, Alcohol, CO2 and turbidity.
  • Bulk wine maintenance analysis
  • Post bottling analysis depend on the customers requirement.
  • Cellar Service.

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