Still Wine Bottling

Infuse Bottling Company is now running the latest technology bottling lines in Australia. There are two production lines in Infuse production hall. 6,000 bph line has the capability to run both cork and screwcap closures for standard bottles with upright and laydown cartons while 3,000 bph line can easily run imported and special-design bottles with high quality.

MBF Filler

MBF is recognised as a worldwide brand for having the best wine filling technology. Using one of the best wine filling machine in the market, Infuse can not only guarantee every single bottle identical but also effective to decrease dissolved oxygen during production. Every bottle is purged with gas prior to filling process to maintain the wine in an Oxygen free environment, achieving one of lowest oxygen absorption values in the market and make sure filling levels are always accurate.

Makro Labeller

Labelling is of equal importance to the wine filling and Infuse is proud to have a system that ensures your labelled product is perfect every time. Taking advantage of one of the most advanced technological labellers, Infuse is able to not only efficiently and accurately apply self-adhesive labels on any position on the bottle, but also be able to orientate the bottle so no label will be applied over the bottle seam. Makro labeller is designed to maximise label application flexibility so that perfect effect can be achieved on every bottle every single time.

Filtration System

Infuse is currently using a combination of cellulose pads and PES membranes prior to bottling filtration media. This filtration media absorbs significantly less colour (and by extension aroma) than standard media. The combination of cellulose depth and PES membrane media constitutes the highest filtration quality.